12.18.2019- it's all about Crunch

I have been re-focusing my social media efforts towards the star of our family, Crunch and his #pupinfluencer status. He really is incredibly photogenic, so it doesn’t take much work. Anyways, that seems to be gaining traction on its own, so I am back.

The last few weeks have consisted of holiday shopping, planning & a lot of happy hours. (We wouldn’t want it any other way)- But I am exhausted. Finally, all the gifts are wrapped and under the tree so we actually look like we are participating in Christmas. The hardest part for me this year was stockings, it was nearly impossible. But I figured it out with the help of my dude mom friends + family and I think we nailed it.

My mom & Max both come back into town tomorrow, and land 4 minutes apart. Still debating who to pick up first… Since I am sure the other will be mad they were second… Since we will be spending most of the time between Christmas & New Years at my Mom’s cabin, we needed to figure out how to get all our gear there AND what to do with the infamous Crunch. Since we fly standby, checking our gear seemed next to impossible, our puppy babysitter was out of town, and others wanted $100 a night (times 11 nights, no thanks). So we had our fair share of challenges. THUS, we decided to drive. With Max’s schedule, him going seemed like a long shot, so my sweet mother offered to fly out to drive with me. (She’s doing it for Crunch, make no mistake).

A holiday road trip, what could go wrong? Stay tuned for that post.

I don’t have much else, as this family could use a break on all the excitement. So here are some pictures of the most photogenic member of our family, and if you aren’t following him on instagram, you should: @crunchthegoldendood

12.10.19- give me a break, please

JUST when you think you have everything under control, the world reminds you that you don’t. My car was finally finished last week on Wednesday, but with the holiday Thursday- Friday was the first opportunity we had to get it. UNFORTUNATELY, it snowed all day Thursday and Friday, which resulted in road closures. That directly followed no business hours on Saturday and Sunday meant Monday was the next opportunity. Luckily, I made it to Flagstaff and back safely, and my car is better than I remember.

Immediately following that debacle, Crunch got sick. And I mean bouts of diarrhea sick. You name it, he pooped on it. The worst (and saddest) part was that it was like uncontrollable. Poor little guy was miserable. I was convinced that it was an upset tummy from our long road trip, but Max was convinced otherwise. Thankfully, he is less emotional and more rational than me, because Crunch in fact had Giardia. It is a parasite that comes from standing water, and with all the rain the last few weeks- there was standing water in our backyard. Luckily (again), it is fully treatable, and he is now back to normal.

BUT THEN, Max and I went out and he got into our cookie jar, which yes, had chocolate (and lots of it). By the time we got home, it appeared he ate 5 chocolate chip cookies, and 4 brownies. If anyone doesn’t know, chocolate is deadly for dogs. It has caffeine & theobromine which they cannot process. It goes through their tract, absorbs and typically causes heart attacks and internal bleeding. I don’t remember much from the night because all I recall is bawling, begging Max not to let him die. Max found an at home remedy to induce vomiting, because they really only have an hour or two after ingestion before their bodies absorb it. Crunch had a ROUGH night vomiting and I had a rough night of pulse checking and sobbing. (Max slept pretty great, so go him)! Crunch freaking survived and is back to his normal self. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. This dog survived a year out in the industrial yards of Buckeye before we rescued him, and now he has been in North Scottsdale for 3 months and has almost died twice. Not sure what that says about us… aside from the monthly vet plan was the best investment we’ve made to date.

On the lighter side, Max and I decided this year to have a live Christmas tree. My family in Colorado does it, so why shouldn’t we?! So we headed off to Payson (a little later than we had hoped), and ended up getting there after dark. We decided to go for it anyways since our jobs don’t allow for much spare time. Max’s truck has a light bar, but due to some sketchy wiring (just kidding, kinda), it doesn’t always work how it should. So picture, Max, myself and the puppy in the middle of a forest, with a strobe light in the darkest part of the night, shivering with a chainsaw. The freaking pine trees were no where to be found, finally, 11 miles down this stupid road, we found ONE. And I didn’t even CARE what it looked like, so we chopped it down and loaded it up. Here is where it gets good. We drove back through the forest and made it about 100 feet from the road when I turned around, and said, “Uh Max, where is our tree?” It had flown out of the bed of the truck. MOTHER FUCKER. He asked when the last time I looked back and saw it was, and that was about a mile after we picked it up. Luckily, we just laughed and turned back for our freaking tree. We found it, literally about a mile from where we sawed it down and someone had just thrown it into a ditch since it was in the middle of the road. SO with that, we trekked out, AGAIN. We stopped for a nice dinner and made it home just before 10pm last night. TIRED. Then up at 4:30am to take Max to the airport. BOO. I get so used to him being home and then boom, gone again. But since my dog is still alive, I will survive.

Oh! And how could I forget? Crunch passed puppy school, by the fur on his back though… We are still debating intermediate school… More to come on that. Thanks #petsmart for the best training for our pup!

11.30.19- Brave.

A detour from the usual, “I did this, we did that” for something weighing heavy on my heart. With permission, I am sharing a story that I hope makes an impact on you like it did on me.

If you’re anything like me, you have a list of things to do, and a list of good intentions. My to-do list is things like, fold the laundry, go to the grocery store, get pencils & wide ruled notebooks; and my list of good intentions is things like, drop a card in the mail for grandma, reach out to old friends, plan a girls night. More often than not, the things on my to-do list get scratched off and more get added on, so that list of good intentions stays, well, stays intentions. I try my best to take time for those things but so often, it’s hard to just keep up with being a busy woman. (Excuses, I know)…

The whole point of this post, and I will get there soon, (I swear), is to take time for those good intentions, make them good actions because they matter. They do.

I met this friend years ago, volunteering with the Assistance League in my hometown. Her smile was SO bright & in tow was always her mother, with the same bright smile. Our organization ran a thrift store, and our specific chapter volunteered as cashiers on Saturday’s. It was always my favorite to work with these two, as most of the other volunteers were borderline fossils.

Fast forward to present day, we live a few hours apart. We’ve stayed connected via Facebook, instagram and the social avenues, but it’s crazy how we can be so connected but so out of touch. She shared a post last week, and it moved me to tears. A post I never saw coming.

I’ll start by saying the transparency in this post is what I value most. She is real and raw and I am confident her story will save others. My hope in sharing it here is that I can help widen the impact. Without further ado, the most moving mental health post I’ve read.

{This is not my story, but is shared with permission} Here is the back story: “On Wednesday night I overdosed on a sleeping pill called ambien… [Throughout Wednesday I took 15 pills and thankfully my roommate caught me before I could take anymore. I was admitted into the hospital that night, then on Thursday morning into a psychiatric hospital.]” And, “I have tried to fathom words to describe my long and bitter 2 nights and 3 days inside the walls of a modern U.S. psych ward. A part of me feels I cannot reasonably describe my experience there because it was too stressful and painful, that my brain has mentally blocked them from my memories. While I was there I have never felt so neglected or astray from what life is. All I can say is that if you have never had to have the real life experience of these places- you are lucky, psych wards are real life hell. Mental health research has a long way to go before we can find more equitable solutions for those who live with mental illness of any kind.”

Her post ends, “Asking for help is okay, crying is okay, and your feelings are valid. And if you feel like you haven’t been heard lately, I will listen. I am strong, you are strong, and together we are stronger. Metal health is a constant battle and I am fighting it . If you aren’t fighting it, chances are someone you know is. We’ve got to open up to each other and be honest, life is too long not to enjoy the time you have.”

And I couldn’t agree more. Talking about your struggles & sharing your story is SO powerful. I was so compelled to share this and to share the message that it is okay to hurt, it is okay to struggle, and it is okay to ask for help.

11.25.19- Almost Christmas (like 30 days)

I decided it was finally time to decorate for Christmas. Everyone keeps commenting about how people start decorating earlier and earlier, and I think I just haven’t noticed #oblivious. I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to decorate but as I previously mentioned, my mother was in town, and knew exactly how she wanted to decorate (wink!). The last few weeks we have been exchanging pinterest pins (thankfully people are creative, because I’m not)… and so we were sorta on the same page. We hit Home Goods and it was all we needed.

I didn’t want to over do it, and I didn’t want my house home, to look like a jumbled shit storm, so we went with a super traditional and low key decor vibe. I hopped on the tiered tray wagon earlier this year, and have been swapping that out seasonally, so I feel like that was sorta the center of our design.

I am fairly sure I could’ve thrown up some confetti in the right colors and no one in this house would’ve called me out, but that isn’t the point… now is it?!

Max has a grand idea to get a real Christmas tree this year, and that is still on the “honey do” list, but we do have a permit to go cut one down (under 10 feet)- so I am thinking it might actually happen. We both have ornaments from our childhoods and to me that makes a better tree than the fancy all put together kind. Seems more meaningful, just an opinion! BUT you are on my blog, so you do get my opinion!

More to come as we (meaning I) continue to decorate! This house becomes more and more of a (temporary) home every single day!

11.24.19- Weekend Vibes

This was the first weekend I had back to myself after, you know, overcommitting. Friday after work, we camped for a night then early Saturday morning (like 4am) I made my way from Bartlett lake all the way down to Tempe. For those of you who aren’t fellow Scottsdale Survivors, thats about 2 hours and a dirt road or two. Worth it though, because my Dad and brother were running the Ironman and I wouldn’t miss that for the world. It was so nice to have them in town the last week. My Mom has such an eye for holiday decor and helped me turn this place into a winter wonderland. And today, Crunch and I had dog school, and we cooked for the week!

Recently, I have been SUCH a stress ball, and this weekend was the perfect antidote to that. I was reminded of what amazing friends and families we have. Friday night was such an outpouring of love from our friends, offering their time, ears and sharing a laugh with us. That coupled with the dinners and laughs we shared with my family this week, filled up my cup. I feel like the last few months have been a discovery of my balance. It took a little too much and a little too little to find out what my happy medium looks like.

The trick to balance is to not make sacrificing important things become the norm.

Simon Sinek

What better timing than Thanksgiving week to finally have my shit together for the year. I am so looking forward to the next few months of family, friends, snowboarding, too many cocktails, and all the laughs.

Forever distracting me…