7|11|19- Koios

Recently, (and as long as I can remember really), I have been tired. Doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, doesn’t matter how good I eat, how much I do (or don’t..) workout, I am just sleepy. Like ready for a nap by 11am. “You’re young, you’re healthy, you’re in your prime”; yes, yes and yes, but I am also a sales director, a chef, a chauffeur, and the list goes on… and ON. The point of the rant is to explain the constant flow of coffee and/or other caffeinated beverages. And by constant flow, I mean morning to night.

Now, you’d think, okay caffeine queen, we get it, you have so much energy, WRONG. I cannot seem to get caffeinated enough to even feel it somedays. So I’ve always been pseudo on the hunt for some sort of something to cure my chronic tiredness? I suppose we will call it that. In said hunt, not only did it have to wake me up, it also had to be good for my body. Two things that notoriously do not go hand in hand. Wouldn’t it be depressing if the post ended here? I was like hey here’s my problem, I have no solution.. Well, in my true problem solver fashion, I have a solution.

Koios, as I am sure you gathered from the title, is the solution. I was initially drawn to their product when researching Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). Now before I lose you there, I will move on. These drinks are HEAVEN, and they are designed to boost brain function, enhance health, and improve productivity (and that’s straight from the source). You can research for yourself here! To make a long story short, these are my JAM. I have never felt better, I have never drank less coffee and I have never snacked less. MCT is a fat from coconut oil designed to burn more fat and increase metabolism. #WINWIN

Use the store locator, you won’t regret it! Available soon @ Walmart!


7|8|19- Home, finally.

After weeks of traveling, work, play, and weddings, I am home (and GOSH does it feel good). Traveling is fun, but there is NOTHING like your own bed and your own pillow. When I come home from a trip, I always say I need another vacation just to get my life back together. Like a day for laundry, a day for cleaning house, and a day to decompress. Instead of planning accordingly and giving myself time to relax, I always seem to land at 10pm and get home just in time to pass out. But enough about that and on to my point.

Do you ever have those days where you feel like life is just trying to teach you a lesson, or show you something? Today was one of those days for me, and it couldn’t have been a more clear picture. To set the scene, today was super packed day. Work, unpacking, packing, cooking, a million billion things from start to finish. Long story short, no time for anything off agenda. (Note, that always seems to be when things pop up)… Like the time I got a ticket on my way home from the gym, trying to race home to shower and get to work. ANYWAYS, we won’t talk about that. So today, though it wasn’t a big deal, we went out of our way to take someone home from the airport, and I mean like 40 minutes out of the way. And while at first I wanted to huff and puff I realized that sometimes doing the right thing might not be convenient, but it’s still the right thing to do. It reminded me of something my parents used to tell us as kids, “The right thing isn’t always fun, and the fun thing isn’t always right”. Bingo.

The point to this is none other than sometimes I could benefit from slowing down (quite) a bit, and taking the time to do more for other people before getting SO caught up in my own little world.

In other news, I got to finally meet my sweet baby niece. She CLEARLY loved Auntie Kenz. Whoops, she was hangry, she takes after me 😉


6|25|19- Gift Card Giving


It’s currently 7am, and I am up and at the blog because I have officially locked myself out of my work computer. I had to reset my password yesterday, and it worked all day, and all of the sudden today, no dice. So while I wait for that to be reset, I might as well be productive in some fashion. Happy Tuesday! (how is it only Tuesday??) Anyways, I am really excited about sharing this post, I hope you enjoy it too!

I honestly couldn’t feel luckier to be writing this right now, and that might sound incredibly lame, but hear me out. Our family is so incredibly blessed and sometimes I think we take it for granted. We’ve been generous in giving, sure, but sometimes as bad as is sounds (and I hate to admit it), it feels more like a tax write off and less like a gesture from the heart. I wanted to bring a little more meaning behind giving, and really make it something “feel good” we could each experience on a daily or weekly basis. 

Growing up, my brother and I were raised on kindness and giving. We never let a cop buy his own coffee, or a fireman buy his own lunch. If we were there, we were buying. Moving into my adulthood, that stayed with me. Whether it be a coffee, or a burrito, it was my pleasure (and determination) to buy. Now, once, this backfired on me, and the officer ended up buying MY coffee just because I was generous. (Don’t tell my Dad!)

Anyways, I wanted to take that same principal and stretch it further. Yes, we still buy first responders all we can, and our family forever will, but we also began a new tradition. The first of the month we spend $100 on Starbucks gift cards. (Typically in 5 or 10 dollar denominations) Throughout the month, we give them out whenever we see please. There aren’t rules, there aren’t hidden agendas, we just give them as we see fit. Giving fills my cup, until it over flows, really, so this for me is really a gift. I’ve given them to flight attendants for going above and beyond, to sales clerks that are having bad days, or to cart boys who are sweating it out to make our shopping experiences easier. Coming home after giving one out, I cannot wait to share the story with my family. I know they feel the same way. The sense of pride they all experience in giving warms my heart. That is some good honest giving. 

We plan to keep the tradition going as long as we can. Making the world a better place one smile at a time!


6|19|19- Podcasts

Hi, again!

I feel like this is a super good follow up to my last post since most of the podcast listening I do is when I am traveling. Recently, I have gotten into a few podcasts that I definitely think are worth a listen. Below I will list my top 3 and also an up and coming podcast I am really excited to share with you all!

fullsizeoutput_14e7My number one all time favorite podcast is “Crime Junkie”. I got hooked on this podcast a few months back, by a girlfriend I used to work with and I am OBSESSED. It’s probably odd to put obsessed and murder podcast in the same sentence, so I will attempt to keep them apart.. Ha! Anyways this podcast shares different stories from famous and infamous crime stories. Anything from murders to disappearances, and even serial cases. The two hosts, Ashely and Britt are full of knowledge and always lead their podcast effortlessly.

You can check their site out here: CRIME JUNKIE



Up next is Moms and Murder. I started listening to this when I ran out of Crime Junkie episodes to listen to. These gals are good at what they do too! (And apparently I have a thing for podcasts like this)… Like Crime Junkie’s the girls (Mandy and Melissa) always post on their site the case files and any related items!

You can check out their site here: Moms And Murder



Last but not least on my top podcasts is Dear John. This is a bone chilling podcast, and it’s only 7 episodes if my mind recalls correctly. It is a true crime podcast, meaning it is actually a true story. I feel like anything I write here will give it all away, so know it’s sort on the same trend as the podcasts above! I couldn’t stop listening. I listened on a road trip and sat in my hotel and finished it once I arrived.. #addicted.


I am all about supporting my friends and their endeavors and this one is no exception. Even if you aren’t a pilot, or do not dabble in the airline industry at all, this podcast can still be interesting to you! They talk about commercial aviation, private aviation (I’ve always wondered about this), and they tell some pretty funny stories!

We have all sorts of airline baggage (no pun intended, kidding, pun intended) in my family; Air Force, Boeing, so on and so forth, so I’ve learned to love aviation. These two guys work so hard and put out some really good content, so check it out! I don’t see Dylan at preschool drop off much anymore, so he must be devoting all that time to this podcast… Kidding, kinda.

Anyways, check out their site here: 21 Five Podcast

Happy Listening!


6|17|19- Travel Must Haves

Traveling CAN be fun, but it can also be incredibly stressful. I have been home maybe 5 days in the last few months, and the stress has finally gotten to me. It isn’t so much the traveling part physically, its more the maintaining my life traveling and my life at home. While I am on the road, I still have a house, car, family and everything else to maintain back home. I am slowly getting better at it, but shoot it is rough sometimes.

Here are a few things I do to keep my life in order, and a few must haves for the road;

Must do’s;

  1. Get all your payments on “auto-pay” and keep a journal or note in your phone/on your computer of when the payments come out and how much they are. This I feel like is one of the things that stresses me out the worst. My biggest fear is having a late payment! I put most of these on my credit card, so I can always double check them and, God for bid, contest them if they are wrong.
  2. Always leave a clean house. ALWAYS. Never leave laundry and dishes to do when you get home. It makes it MORE stressful.
  3. Get a wifi thermostat, like this one. If you are anything like me, and are forgetful, you have forgotten to turn off the AC before you left and this is your solution. Not only that, but you can also turn it on before you get home, so your house isn’t 100 degrees when you get home… #WinWin

Must haves;

  1. MacBook Pro– I love this little sucker. It is light weight, and powerful. (That sounded like an ad)! It syncs with my iPad, and my iPhone and helps me keep all my things organized. Our family keeps a family calendar, so keeping it up to date is crucial (if we want to get places on time, and get there at all)… The new Pro with the Touch Bar and finger print sensor makes everything easier. Big Fan.
  2. MZ Wallace Max Bag– This bag is everything I could ask for. It is lightweight, cute, has tons of pockets, it wipes down easy (kids makes this a necessity), it has a long strap and shoulder strap AND it folds down and scrunches into my suitcase! The Max is my favorite style and I think everyone should have it. I have other styles as well, but this is by far my #1.
  3. Bose Headphones– I never knew I needed these until I tried them. I knew headphones were a must, but I didn’t know these headphones were the holy grail. I am understanding of screaming babies on a plane, and I am understanding that some people want to chit chat on the plane BUT sometimes, I don’t want to deal with any of it, and these little fellas are the SHIT. I couldn’t fly without them. They are worth the price, I promise.

What are your travel must haves?


6|16|19- Father’s Day

Let’s talk Dads.

I sent the wrong bitmoji, and he had the perfect response 

I grew up with literally the best one in existence, yes, I am biased. He was and still is a hero in every sense of the word. He is a fireman, tried and true, he’s selfless but gentle, he’s strong but sweet. Anyone who meets “The Thom Bowlin” falls in love instantly. (Seriously, ask anyone…) He has uncompromising standards and refuses to lower them for anyone (especially all the guys I brought home throughout the years, in his defense there were some bad picks).

Often times, you don’t realize all the things you learned from your Dad until later in life, so I will take this platform to list those items out. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Thanks for teaching me:

  1. How to back down & launch a boat
  2. How to eat a whole box of donuts in one sitting
  3. How to drive a manual
  4. How to back up like a pro (this really amazes people)
  5. How to cook tacos 578493 different ways
  6. How to laugh at yourself
  7. How to learn and move on
  8. How to have unwavering expectations and never settle
  9. How to have patience (this one is a work in progress)
  10. How to love and care for your spouse, even if they are a pain in the ASS

Dad, thank you for always being my number one fan, and leading me right where I am meant to be today. You’ve shown me a great example of what to look for in life, and while he will never quite be as good as you, I am sure he will keep trying. We love you!

Happy Dad’s Day.


6|11|19- Another Weekend, Another Wedding

OOOooof. Another weekend, another wedding is right. We have 7 this year, and probably more to come. Not complaining because I love celebrating, and I love love, but it seems like this year, I am involved in more weddings. And by involved, I mean involved, #weddingplanner. I have said this before, I thrive on stress, so like running around like a chicken with my head cut off directing people, and bossing people around- kinda my jam (just ask my family, LOL).

This past weekend was my Aunt’s wedding, and it was magical. They decided to have the wedding at their house since it was a special place to them. The guest list was short and meaningful, and the day could not have been more special. I am definitely too Type A to have any sort of wedding or similar event at my house. I would not be able to relax and enjoy the party without worrying about making sure everyone had what they needed, making sure my house was clean, so on and so forth… Luckily, she is much more calm, cool and collected than I am, so the experience was perfect for her.

For starters, their home is GORGEOUS- like drop dead gorgeous. They live nestled up in the mountains in Morrison, Colorado, with the most incredible views and mountain air. The guest list was, as previously mentioned, short, so everyone there held a special place in their heart, making it all the more meaningful. To top it off, my brother officiated the wedding, which yes, we were afraid of at first too… But like we all know, that kid can turn on the charm, and man did he. It was the perfect mix of sweet and sentimental, mixed with funny and goofy (he might actually get a speech at my wedding now!).

Pictures below of the most special day! Also, my dress is linked, here! I am obsessed!


6|6|19- Golden Glo

I will start by admitting I have not always been the best with my skin.

When I was younger, I was a big fan of laying out, not wearing hats or sunglasses and soaking up all the California sun. Fast forward, and I am a skin Nazi (can I say that here?)… Living in the valley of the sun can be super harsh on your skin, and I certainly am not educated enough to know what’s best for MY skin in a market FULL of different skin products, enter: GOLDEN GLO GIRLS.

I have been seeing these girls for over a year now, and they continue to amaze me every time I visit. I started seeing them for custom spray tans (hello bronze!)- and I mean head to toe custom color, custom spray, perfection. Literally, every visit, I not only came out a bronze goddess, but I also learned a ton about “going sunless” (no fake & baking), about taking care of my skin, and about preventative aging. My tans turned into facials, my facials turned into take-home skin serums and moisturizers and that turned into what I am about to introduce to you: BB Glow.

I won’t even try and botch explaining the process, so I will lead you straight to the source, click HERE for the girl’s introduction video! This treatment might be the best thing since sliced bread! It essentially injects pigment into the skin during a micro-needling session to give you a light coverage WITHOUT makeup, YES PLEASE. Best results are after a few treatments, and I will keep you updated as I go, but for now, check this out, after ONE session!



5|28|19- Mothership

This is the best title I could come up with, so here we go!

relationship + mother = mothership.

I am the first to admit, my relationship with my mother is NOT perfect, it goes up and down, left and right, and every which way. I am also the first to admit that most of the time, when it is sideways, I own more than half of the blame. (I wonder where I get being so stubborn from?)

As with most (all) relationships, they go through seasons; seasons where things are really good, and seasons where they need space, or need more nurturing. What makes these relationships different than most is they go through the most seasons, here’s what I mean. In our spouse/SO relationships, the goal stays the same. In our friendships, the goal stays the same. In our Parent relationships the goals shift. It starts in the nurturing season, it’s their job to raise a good human, to ensure we are fed, and have a roof over our head, but then it shifts. It shifts to letting us grow on our own, and to support us from afar. In the next season, they watch us create and grow our own families. And finally, we watch out for them, we nurture them, we worry about them. It’s hard to shift from each of these huge life phases, but this relationship endures it all.

We certainly have our moments, but there is never a second I am not grateful for my Mother. She has shaped me into the person I am, and guided me every step of the way. She taught me the things I needed to be a good daughter, sister, friend, partner, mother, worker, shopper ;), and person. She’s shown me that you can build and maintain a career, AND have a family. She’s shown me that hard work pays off. She’s shown me that compassion and empathy go far. And most importantly, she’s shown me that killing people with kindness gets you far further than being sour.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to not have perfect relationships. It is okay to take time and space. There is no such thing as too late to fix something, and more so, forgiveness is wildly powerful.

I love you, Mom.


5|21|19- PC, UT


I’ve been bogged down with so many trips, that the thought of taking another trip was slightly daunting, BUT this trip in particular was irresistible. A road trip; and not just any road trip, but a road trip, with my bestie, through the most beautiful states, to the snow, in the cutest jeep jeep! Turns out this trip was just what the doctor ordered. It was a no stress, (actually) trip. Here’s how it went, and here’s what we did! I recommend this trip, especially at this time of year, to the 9’s!

The total trip is about 11 hours, if you drove it straight, and unless you are driving a super vehicle that doesn’t need gas, and you yourself are some super human who doesn’t eat or pee, you have to stop, so let’s call it 12 hours. We looked into a few different route options, as there are many, and decided against the Vegas route, and instead opted for the route that led us through Bryce Canyon.

Road Trip List:

  1. A good playlist
  2. A few good podcasts!
  4. A case (or 2) of water
  5. Your bestie
  6. Comfy sweats

Those 6 items in our experience made for the best road trip, ever.

We decided to make it a 2-day trip because 12 hours straight seemed miserably daunting… Plus we wanted to stop and hike Bryce Canyon! Our drive on day 1 was about 7 hours, and it seriously seemed like 15 minutes. Our first stop was Flagstaff, (yes we made it a whole 2 hours…), and grabbed snacks and gas, then we proceeded on up. I would mention our second and third stops, but I legit could not tell you where the heck we were, and I don’t think I would highlight them as “stop here!” recommendations (HAHA). We made it to Bryce Canyon at 3:30pm ish (+1 hour for time change), and settled into the CUTEST little cabin, linked here. We poured a little glass of wine and walked right out our cabin door to the rim of the canyon. Words cannot even describe how incredible the view was. It was breathtakingly stunning (I tried to put it into words anyways, ha!)…

Day two we headed on up to Park City. When we woke up in Bryce, at 8am might I add (that is sleeping in, LATE), it was snowing! CRAZY and unprepared… haha! We stayed snuggled in our cabin by the fire, drinking coffee, and chatted girl talk! Before we knew it, it was 11am, checkout time! We packed up and headed out- queue “on the road again…” We stopped a few times, and again, nothing super noteworthy. Although, our last stop, and again, I have no idea where we were, but we stopped and got a soda, and some snacks. If you know me at all, you know soda is like a once a year thing IF THAT, so this was a big deal. Luckily my bff is the same way, so it was a celebratory moment. We were about an hour outside of PC at that time, and we sipped and snacked all the way there. In true Kenzie + T Mama fashion, we perused some cute neighborhoods prior to our final destination, and it added about an hour onto our drive time! #WorthIt.