5|20|19- Radio Silence

Up in the title, I put the year as 2020, if that doesn’t explain the current state of my brain, I don’t know what does. The last few weeks have been chaos, and looking at the calendar, things don’t look to be slowing down until December (which really isn’t a slow down, cause Christmas)… So maybe come 2020, I will have it together.

I am one of those people who thrive best when I am busy, I operate best in like a crazy, high stress environment. Why, I have no idea? So the solution really isn’t to cut back, the solution is to stay organized.

Anyways, all in all this explains my radio silence! I’ve been in like defensive mode, not taking on anything new and just trying to survive whats on the calendar. This past weekend, wasn’t a “planned operation”. There was no 7:30am flight, there was no be here, be there agenda, and that was amazing. I road tripped up to Park City, UT, with my bestie and we sang in the car for hours, ate bad food, and laughed until we cried. We stopped a bit more than halfway in Bryce Canyon and stayed in this little tiny cabin, it was #perfect. We woke up late Sunday morning (8am) and sat by the fire and watched it SNOW! Anyways, full post to come on that, but clearly my brain has been on vacation.

I suppose this post was about nothing in particular, but this week should be full of fun stuff, stay tuned!


5|13|19- The Best Weekend

This weekend, we did not survive Scottsdale, rather, Scottsdale got the best of us. Emilie came into town this weekend, and needless to say Bottineau, North Dakota is far different than Scottsdale, Arizona… We had to show her the ropes, and the iconic cougar hot spots Scottsdale is known for, KIDDING. With the help of my local bff, we had quite the trip planned. Nothing like 3 tied down women hitting the town. (eye roll)- First stop, the Living Room @ DC Ranch. Classic Thursday evening hot spot. Up next, Paige Springs Wineries, and we close out the weekend with a 5 hour nap and a quick trip to the Vig @ McDowell Mountain Ranch!

Highlight of the Weekend was by far Paige Springs, so here is a quick re-cap accompanied by a few pictures… And this was legit all the pictures we took. I am sad there weren’t more, but we were CLEARLY too busy in the moment to peel away!

Our first stop was Paige Springs Cellars– We got there at 1pm ish, so lunch was in order. I have to say, the food was phenomenal, and the views were phenomenal, but the wine was my least favorite of all the wineries we visited. I will say however, the experience here was great. If you are in the mood of a whole buncha wine knowledge, this is your place.

Our second stop was Oak Creek Vineyards & Winery– They had port, what more could a girl ask for? Port = Wine + Brandy. Scott taught me that lesson, be afraid, be very afraid. This winery was good, I would rank it 2 on our list. The wine selection was solid and we had a few different flights there!

Our last stop was by far the BEST!  It was, Javelina Leap Winery– I was skeptical of this place, granted it had the lowest reviews on the ol’ google, but it was BY FAR the best we visited. They only had reds, (I believe that changes), so I was a little turned off at first, but my did they change my mind. I rate these places on like 50% wine, and 50% experience, because truth be told, at some point, they all start to taste the same (the sweet taste of regret.. haha!). The guys at this place were TOP NOTCH, and we didn’t have an easy crew. They were funny and we really enjoyed being there.


5|7|19- Wedding Season

If you read my last post, you know I was back in California AGAIN last weekend. If you didn’t read my last post, boo you. (KIDDING)- What is actually funny about my last post is that it was all about my most recent flighmare (I made that up myself), and it happened to be on Southwest, which I absolutely LOVE, and I have had far worse flightmares that I haven’t blogged about. Maybe we will save those for another time. So I suppose what I am saying is the irony is that I love Southwest, despite what I posted. ANYWAYS, let’s talk about the fun stuff.

This past weekend was my cousin’s wedding! We love his now wife more than we love him, so it was an amazing time welcoming her into our family. How he convinced her to willingly sign on to our families madness, I will never know, but I am sure glad he did. She is the most beautiful, thoughtful, and sweetest kindred spirit. I could go on forever, but for the sake of her being a stranger to most of you, I will not. As a last statement, he married UP, major big time.

For those of you who know me well, you know I almost never drink. Though recently, my life has been a compilation of social events that have all caused me to DRINK like a fish. Like Stagecoach (tequila!) then weddings (tequila!). And to be truthful, I don’t even like tequila. So it has been a nice week home, drinking WATER, and getting back into normal life. (insert eye roll emoji!)

In other news, Emilie comes in TWO days and I CANNOT WAIT.

 Here are some wedding pictures, since I know you are dying. (sarcasm)

P.S. people asked if I was Jennifer Aniston, which I am torn about, because yes, shes gorg, but shes also 50.. But I don’t see it AT ALL, so whateves.



5|3|19- Flight’mare

I fly a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Like weekly.. and while sometimes, I love it, sometimes I don’t. I feel like it takes forever to nail down the perfect strategy. If my trip is longer than 3 days, I uber, shorter than 3, I drive. Park in east economy, my specific spot, blah blah. Depends on the terminal, Starbucks, Peet’s or Cartel coffee. I mean I got it down. So when there’s a wrench in my plan, all hell breaks loose.

My flight was scheduled for 6pm. My uber was scheduled for 4:10pm. I’m like that obsessive.. pre-order uber. Anyways, at 2, I got a flight update that I was delayed until 6:50pm. I’d miss dinner but fine. (Mind you this is a 30 minute flight to CA, again for the 3rd week in a row) Anyways, I figured it would be better to not have to drive to the airport in rush hour so I was slightly relieved. THEN I got a message saying 7:45pm. Thanks SWA! ☹️ But again whatever, I’d have time for a nap! Reschedule my uber for 6:15pm and kept working. At 5:45 I decided to run and grab food before my uber showed up and my mom called “Are you at the airport? Your flight is back on track and leaves at 6:40” oh fuck.

I live, ehh, 30 minutes away from the airport with a bit of traffic and I wasn’t even packed. How can they do this? I don’t know. So I drove home, booked it to the airport, (like 90 on the highway, sorry cops 😉 come get me!), parked in TERMINAL PARKING ($45 a day??), and made it with 2 minutes to spare. Thank God for CLEAR, because I wouldn’t have made it through security.

You’d think since I used to fly non-rev I’d be used to the chaos, but apparently I’m not. Haha. Moral of the story, if your flight is delayed, go to the airport anyways.

Also the best part of the story is when I got to the gate, they’re like, we’re missing a pilot, once we find him then we will be on our way. The woman next to me says “I flew a blimp once, I could do it”. In my head I’m like uhh, I once had my living room turned into a cockpit with take home cockpit print outs and I couldn’t tell you what ONE SINGLE BUTTON did. So no ma’m, your amateur blimp skills are irrelevant.

Unbelievable. Anyways, working from the beach today, not too bad.

4|30|19- Stagecoach!

SooooOoo we used to go to Stagecoach every year. And what I’m about to say I feel like dates me, although, it’s almost to do so, considering I’m so young. Anyways, back when we used to go, it was $100 a ticket and $100 to camp. NOW, the whole experience is a few grand if you’re lucky. I’m not sure if I’d even camp anymore. (And let me back up, by camp I mean like an RV). No tent/car camping for me. Moving on, I had TONS of friends from my hometown, tons of friends from here and so many people that we used to go with, I figured why not.

It was legit the best time. Not only was the concert amazing, and did I get to see everyone I wanted, but the memories will last me a lifetime. So cliche, kill me. But really. I laughed until I cried, over and over again. And I wish I could do it all over again and again (MINUS THE TEQUILA). OooOoff. Can I just plug in here that the tequila spilt in my car on the way home, and now my garage and car smell like tequila. Which after a long weekend of said tequila makes a girl want to die??

Anyways, I’m grateful for lifelong friends- friends who pick up where we left off and for new friends- friends who you meet and fall in love with instantly, and most of all I’m grateful for all of those people giving me the best memories. The best is yet to come.

4|25|19- Oh for funny!

This one is 95% for shits and giggles. So I have a gf who lives in North Dakota, and is planning to come visit in a few weeks. She was in the market for new luggage, which everyone knows is like the ultimate challenge. Do you get a hardsider, do you get a carry-on size, full size, 789923 pockets, or the one with the built in garment bag?? So. Many. Choices.

So as per usual, we were screen-sharing and shopping last night, and she was going through her concerns:

  • The wheels look too small
  • I don’t like the color
  • Bad Reviews
  • Won’t be here in time
  • Handle broke, side broke (from reviews)

ALL VALID CONCERNS, of course. Then there’s me, laughing hysterically. And for good reason she was wildly concerned. She asked why, and oh did I tell.

I have this super weird life goal (which sounds bad), of being in an airport watching someone lugging a big bag, when all of the sudden all the wheels break off. NO idea why, yes understand it’s mean, but I legit think nothing other than it would be funny, hilarious actually. Long story short, Emilie is now terrified that the wheels will fall off her suitcase, and I am still laughing.



4|23|19- An Open Letter to my Best Friend

The last few weeks have been an absolute roller coaster.  There were days I just wanted to cry, and there were days that I just wanted to be distracted. You were there every, single day without question. There are so many things I treasure about our friendship, and your unwavering support is one of those things. You are the first to make sure I have everything I need, and most of the time you know what I need before I need it.

You have so graciously made your house, my house, and your family, my family. I am beyond grateful for what you have done for me. There isn’t anything in the world I wouldn’t tell you, and isn’t anything in the world I wouldn’t do for you.

You have justified my feelings without making me feel guilty, you have listened to my sobs and decoded every word, you have let me borrow your husband for another perspective, you have been my biggest cheerleader and my “catch me” when I fall. There are a million billion things in the world to thank you for, but that would take a lifetime.

Thank you for being my best friend. Life is better with you.

Cheers, Marshmellow. I heart you.


4|18|19- Reflection

I think my favorite part about the “new digital age” is that since the internet never lets anything go (good and bad, hehe) you can look back on old pictures, on old posts, on old anything, and reflect. I found a post on my blog from last year and it really made me stop and think about the last year. It made me think about the roller coaster it has been, all the things that I thought I wanted, all the things that happened and I had wished they were different, and all of the things that led me here, to this exact place. Freaking crazy.

So I wrote this post last summer, 3 days before my birthday so July 24th.

I’ve always heard; the most growth happens outside your comfort zone. I’ve certainly never rejected the idea, but I don’t know that I always welcomed it. In recent months, I’ve encouraged others to get outside their comfort zone, to take a risk, and look how incredible the reward could be. While not all listened, some did. And those are some major life change. Good advice giver; yes. Good advice taker; ehh, I’m learning. So in the spirit of major life changes, risks, and eating our own advice, I quit my job. It’s scary, it’s risky, it’s out of my comfort zone. BUT to get to a place where I love what I am doing, change must incur. Thus, change. In the biggest way, in the most selfish way, and in the way that is really going to change my life.

I am lucky to be surrounded by people who encourage, support and love me. #gratefulheart

Point being; do something that puts you outside your comfort zone, who knows, you might grow!

I reflect on how I must’ve been feeling. Anxious, scared, all of the above, but honestly, it was the best choice I could’ve made for myself. Since leaving, not only have I gained balance and peace in my life, but I have gained lifelong friends, new career goals + aspirations and literally too much to keep going on and on about. I suppose my point in sharing all this is because it encouraged me, to keep doing what I am doing, to keep taking risks, and to keep looking for the good in things. Change can be scary, and it can be off putting, but nothing is worse than sitting in a place of complacency. Some things can’t be fixed, and sometimes that is terrifying, but we cannot hold onto broken things, or things that are no longer serving us because we are scared. There is a world of opportunity and new beginnings.

New job, new hair, new man, new life, whatever it is, go. 


4|17|19- Party Planner

Everyone and their mother is getting married, which is amazing, but also stressful. It seems like every engagement has an engagement party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, a wedding shower, and at least 365478397 more events. What makes it all harder is living out of state and having to pick and choose which events to go to since there are about 2 a month…  That said, they are beautiful events and I am so happy to be apart of them.

My best friend, since birth, is the maid of honor in her brother’s wedding. They are like family to me too, and always have been, so the desire to make it all perfect for his fiance’s bridal shower was strong. The bridal shower was this past weekend, and off to California, I went, again. I think the #1 thing in party planning is to not expect people to have the same commitment, dedication, and opinion as you. We so badly wanted everyone who was helping us, to work just as hard because we want them to take just as much pride in the hosting as we did, but that just wasn’t the case. (Enter stress- always a learning lesson, thanks mom) All in all, it came out incredible, and our bride to be was glowing. Court, you did an AMAZING job.


So, so, happy to be home.


4|15|19- Hair Bar

For as high maintenance as I am, I prefer a lower maintenance hairdo. And mostly for the following reasons, 1. I don’t do my hair often, typically once a week, then dry shampoo for days; 2. Getting my hair done takes forever and I cannot sit still that long and 3. 9 times out of 10 wear hats so there’s that. I do, however, splurge when I do.

Enter: SoHo HairBar

This place is straight MAGIC from the second you walk in, and it is wildly incredible (see the entrance sign below).  Not only is the environment amazing, but the people are even BETTER. Abby has been doing my hair for years and is the wife of CrossFit FSI‘s mastermind, Carson. I def owe all good things about my appearance to those two, ha! Everyone in that salon is downright phenomenal and I would recommend each and every one of them! I mean, people drive in from CA to have these ladies do their hair! (Hello, worth it! Look below!)