11.22.19- Why We Cook Our Puppies Food

I swore up and down I was never going to be a crazy dog lady, but would you look at that face?! We also swore we would never be the people to take our dog to restaurants or family gatherings and again, here we are.

As many of you know, when Crunch came to us, we had no idea anything about him. We got a genetic test telling us his breed, and a little background and a whole lot of assumptions. When we brought him home, we took him to the vet to assure he was healthy, and thankfully, he was. After being home for a few weeks, we noticed some slight itching, which in new environments and at this time of the year, we assumed was normal. We gave him some Benadryl and it all subsided. A few weeks later, we weaned him off the food that he was sent home with and moved him to a healthier pet food we had picked out.

Fast forward, we THINK Crunch was exposed to Salmonella. Like all paranoid mothers, I used out tele-vet (which is the SHIT) and let them know we thought Crunch was exposed. They were significantly more calm than I was, shocker, but they reccomended putting Crunch on the “bland diet”, which was white rice, chicken or chicken baby food and greek yogurt.

Luckily, Crunch did not get Salmonella, which Max swears dogs are immune to (they aren’t ;)). BUT it got us thinking about what we are putting in his body, how he’s reacting to it, and how easy it is to do ourselves. Researching dog diets is not easy and there is even cook books, who knew? But we’ve landed on a diet and we are working trial and error. Crunch seems to LOVE it, and so were happy too!

I am sure everyone has an opinion on this subject, so let’s hear it!

11.20.19- Oh, brother.

Happy Birthday to the dude who scared away all my boyfriends, did a significant amount of my math homework, and protected me from a heck of a lot growing up. Being the youngest and the only girl comes with its fair share of challenges (older brothers being one of those challenges), but having someone you know you can always count on, is next to none.

Patrick, I am so vastly amazed at your accomplishments. I am so proud of who you are and also slightly worried, but that’s okay, too. You are the best role model (which probably worries Mom), and you are a great example of what hard work and dedication lead to. As long as I can remember, you’ve wanted to be an aerospace engineer, and nothing ever got in your way. You’ve kicked a$$ and taken names at Boeing, and you have such great opportunities ahead of you.

Thank you for always calling, and checking in. I never once have doubted how much you care.

Our home will be full of family this week. My parents, brother & maybe this mystery girl (if she’s real) will all be making the trek to Scottsdale this week, and our hearts couldn’t be fuller. This week holds not only Patrick’s birthday, but parents anniversary and my dad’s birthday as well. Too bad, Max and I are 7/27 and not 11/27. Boo.

Anyways, Happy Birthday, Brother.

Love you 5 ever.

11.11.19- Veteran’s Day

This day always humbles me. I am the first to admit, sometimes I get really wrapped up in my own life & forget that there are people fighting for me to have all the freedom I do. Veteran’s deserve to be celebrated everyday, all first responders do. I saw a quote today and it really embodied today.

Be the type of American worth fighting for.

Our gym honored our favorite Veteran today with a workout called the Ranger Race and man was it brutal. Carson is a retired Army Ranger & is one of the raddest dudes I know. He kicks ass in the gym every single day and I am so honored to call him a friend. The workout {above} took us somewhere close to 50 minutes followed by laying on the floor to regain consciousness.

I also brought him a dozen donuts, only to find out Veteran’s get free donuts on Veteran’s day. #whoops

To those who have served, are serving and will serve, we honor you, today & everyday!

11.10.19- Keto Cooking

Happy Sunday, Gals & Guys. The pup & I slept in (late) and made it to puppy class with like 30 seconds to spare. As a side note, right after we got to puppy school, I was fiddling through my backpack to find Crunch’s snack pack and he peed on my backpack. So for everyone who thought my last post made it seem like we were doing well in the puppy training arena, we are not always nailing it. Not to mention, he would barely sit at class today, and I had to beg the instructor to not kick us out.

Anyways, he is laying here cute as a button, so I forgive him. Since coming home, I have not left the kitchen. The first week we started Keto I prepared all our food ahead of time so I really set us up for success and at the end of the week last week, we slacked off a bit and it caused some desires to stray from the diet. (We didn’t but still). So today, I was determined to cook all the food.

When I am planning a menu, I have to think of foods that can not only be eaten when we are home, but also eaten when Max is on the road. This consists of vacuum sealing food, freezing it and packing it for him before he leaves on a 2 or 3 day trip. SOoOoo it kinda changes the way I plan our menu. Today, Max requested some casseroles, because in his words “did you know I really like casseroles?”, which means, “make me casseroles, girl”. Boom, casseroles.

I made;

  1. keto breakfast casserole (eggs & cream cheese {blended}, spicy breakfast sausage, green hatch chilies, cheese and finally jalapeƱos {because we LOVE spicy})
  2. keto creamy chicken casserole (chicken, homemade taco seasoning, green hatch chilies, verde salsa, cream cheese and sharp white cheddar
  3. keto shepards pie (ground beef, grilled onions, worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper, mashed cauliflower and mozzarella cheese
  4. keto {key lime} cheese cake (almond flour, vanilla, butter & granulated swerve, then cream cheese, powered swerve, vanilla, organic lime juice and I think that is it

Stay tuned.

11.08.19- when did the holidays get here?

Yesterday was summer and today is Christmas. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Growing up, my Mom always told us the best time to shop was RIGHT after the holidays. All the things were on sale, and you’d just have to keep them up in the rafters until next year. And while I always did as she said, there seems to be a trend where you can shop a few months in advance too??! I went to Hobby Lobby in August and got Christmas stuff… AND then dug up some fall decorations from last year. (I am assuming fall went on sale in February and I missed that, ha.)

My sweet Grandma called for her bi-weekly check in and complained for a good 15 minutes about how people seemed to forget about Thanksgiving this year and go straight to Christmas. I don’t disagree, and I am certainly not mad about it. I love love love the holidays but it seems like these days they really sneak up on you (as previously mentioned..)!

We went to Starbucks on the way to the airport this morning and they had holiday cups! ALREADY! And might I say, I love them. They are vvvvvvv-cute. Wondering if the red + green cups with cause controversy this year, especially because they said “We wish you a merry coffee”. I think it’s cute + I am never, ever offended by anything, but I am sure someone will be.

Merry Everything & Happy Always.