08|27|19- Fall (Starbucks) Season

Breaking- Freaking- News. It’s the first day of fall (according to Starbucks) which means pumpkin is back. Side note: Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s and purchased Pumpkin Spice K- Cups, so I knew it was officially the season. Can you believe it is already fall? Or close to it.. ha.  Anyways, if you are anythingContinue reading “08|27|19- Fall (Starbucks) Season”

5|13|19- The Best Weekend

This weekend, we did not survive Scottsdale, rather, Scottsdale got the best of us. Emilie came into town this weekend, and needless to say Bottineau, North Dakota is far different than Scottsdale, Arizona… We had to show her the ropes, and the iconic cougar hot spots Scottsdale is known for, KIDDING. With the help ofContinue reading “5|13|19- The Best Weekend”

2|10|19- Easy Squeezy Lunch

Blogettes <- wait, that is actually a word?? It auto corrected my spelling, so, this is verified. Moving on… Growing up, we never ate tomato soup, I assume because my mom didn’t like it much, (Mom, can you confirm?), so it has never been on my radar. However, when I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday,Continue reading “2|10|19- Easy Squeezy Lunch”