11.11.19- Veteran’s Day

This day always humbles me. I am the first to admit, sometimes I get really wrapped up in my own life & forget that there are people fighting for me to have all the freedom I do. Veteran’s deserve to be celebrated everyday, all first responders do. I saw a quote today and it reallyContinue reading “11.11.19- Veteran’s Day”

08|27|19- Fall (Starbucks) Season

Breaking- Freaking- News. It’s the first day of fall (according to Starbucks) which means pumpkin is back. Side note: Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s and purchased Pumpkin Spice K- Cups, so I knew it was officially the season. Can you believe it is already fall? Or close to it.. ha.  Anyways, if you are anythingContinue reading “08|27|19- Fall (Starbucks) Season”

7|17|19- Hometown Visit (Temecula, CA)

First a story, then the fun stuff! Pretty much the day I graduated high school, I was gone. No, I didn’t hate my hometown, I didn’t have a poor upbringing (quite the opposite actually), but I was ready to get the heck out. I lived my whole life under one roof, which is not theContinue reading “7|17|19- Hometown Visit (Temecula, CA)”