11.08.19- when did the holidays get here?

Yesterday was summer and today is Christmas. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Growing up, my Mom always told us the best time to shop was RIGHT after the holidays. All the things were on sale, and you’d just have to keep them up in the rafters until next year. And while I always didContinue reading “11.08.19- when did the holidays get here?”

5|13|19- The Best Weekend

This weekend, we did not survive Scottsdale, rather, Scottsdale got the best of us. Emilie came into town this weekend, and needless to say Bottineau, North Dakota is far different than Scottsdale, Arizona… We had to show her the ropes, and the iconic cougar hot spots Scottsdale is known for, KIDDING. With the help ofContinue reading “5|13|19- The Best Weekend”