7|17|19- Hometown Visit (Temecula, CA)

First a story, then the fun stuff! Pretty much the day I graduated high school, I was gone. No, I didn’t hate my hometown, I didn’t have a poor upbringing (quite the opposite actually), but I was ready to get the heck out. I lived my whole life under one roof, which is not theContinue reading “7|17|19- Hometown Visit (Temecula, CA)”

6|11|19- Another Weekend, Another Wedding

OOOooof. Another weekend, another wedding is right. We have 7 this year, and probably more to come. Not complaining because I love celebrating, and I love love, but it seems like this year, I am involved in more weddings. And by involved, I mean involved, #weddingplanner. I have said this before, I thrive on stress,Continue reading “6|11|19- Another Weekend, Another Wedding”