12.26.2019- Christmas is Blissmas (kinda)

What a week, y’all. Traveling around the holidays is no joke, but when you chose a Pilot for a signifiant other, it’s mandatory. I’m not sure where I last left off, but I am pretty sure I explained the dog debacle and our half rate solution. So let me tell you about the 13 hourContinue reading “12.26.2019- Christmas is Blissmas (kinda)”

12.18.2019- it's all about Crunch

I have been re-focusing my social media efforts towards the star of our family, Crunch and his #pupinfluencer status. He really is incredibly photogenic, so it doesn’t take much work. Anyways, that seems to be gaining traction on its own, so I am back. The last few weeks have consisted of holiday shopping, planning &Continue reading “12.18.2019- it's all about Crunch”