12.26.2019- Christmas is Blissmas (kinda)

What a week, y’all. Traveling around the holidays is no joke, but when you chose a Pilot for a signifiant other, it’s mandatory. I’m not sure where I last left off, but I am pretty sure I explained the dog debacle and our half rate solution. So let me tell you about the 13 hourContinue reading “12.26.2019- Christmas is Blissmas (kinda)”

12.10.19- give me a break, please

JUST when you think you have everything under control, the world reminds you that you don’t. My car was finally finished last week on Wednesday, but with the holiday Thursday- Friday was the first opportunity we had to get it. UNFORTUNATELY, it snowed all day Thursday and Friday, which resulted in road closures. That directlyContinue reading “12.10.19- give me a break, please”

11.24.19- Weekend Vibes

This was the first weekend I had back to myself after, you know, overcommitting. Friday after work, we camped for a night then early Saturday morning (like 4am) I made my way from Bartlett lake all the way down to Tempe. For those of you who aren’t fellow Scottsdale Survivors, thats about 2 hours andContinue reading “11.24.19- Weekend Vibes”

11.22.19- Why We Cook Our Puppies Food

I swore up and down I was never going to be a crazy dog lady, but would you look at that face?! We also swore we would never be the people to take our dog to restaurants or family gatherings and again, here we are. As many of you know, when Crunch came to us,Continue reading “11.22.19- Why We Cook Our Puppies Food”